Haist Insurance - Sebewaing Office
41 E. Main St., PO Box 647
Sebewaing, MI 48759

Sebewaing Office:   989-883-2840
Sebewaing Fax:      989-883-2129

Pigeon Office:         989-453-3112
Pigeon Fax:            989-453-3300

Haist Insurance - Pigeon Office
7328 W. Michigan Ave., PO Box 87
Pigeon, MI 48755

Laura LaBair:       989-553-0506          
Beth Kuhl:           989-883-2286                 
Dennis Haist:       989-977-2196               
Ruthie Elbers:      989-746-4955

Vonnie Ganton:     989-415-6182


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